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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Well, I see that I will be posting things almost everyday now. Lets first start off talking about how I HATE dentists. They are money making idiots who don't know what they are doing. Its a long story but I'll start at the begining. I am in between dentists and as of monday of this week I have had a toothach. I was finally tired of having pain and knowing that oralgel doesn't work. So I called in to the office and told them I'm taking the day off and going to see a dentist. I called and called about 30 dentists until I finally reached one that was able to fit me in today. Being pleased that I was going to see the dentist to get rid of the pain as well as see if I liked him to be my permanent dentist. I went to the Davey Dental Care Center which has been aired on local TV news channel to be a good dentist. I walked in at 12:30 on the dot and had to fill out lots of forms. Also before I went I had to call Delta Dental to straighten out that I am not a spouse on the plan but the child. After all was fixed and filled out, I got to see the dentist. He looked quickly in my mouth and said they need a panoramic picture. I have had a few in my life but I think they are kind of cheep on showing whats wrong. I then waited until the dentist came back and said that my right bottom wisdom tooth needs to be pulled and since I'm going to have that pulled and my mouth is damn small, the dentist said it would be best to pull all. He wrote out a referal form and told me if I needed something for the pain. They were going to prescribe Vicaden which I thought was nutz so I said I had Tylenol 3 and they said that would do. I was told that my insurance would be billed $120.00 just for the visit. I then went home and called the specialist and they said the earliest appointment would be May 2. Well I said ok, are they going to pull all of the teeth then. They told me that the May 2nd visit would be a consult and that I would have to come back to get it done. I hate this because the dentist makes money for 2 visits. The first one is just a waste of time, while the second is important. I also basically have to take off of work Those 2 days as well as today which makes 3 days in total of no work and I have to use Sickleave. It's still hurting and I believe that I didn't accomplish anything today. Well, I got to study for a quiz in CSC20.

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