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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IPv4 space

When the internet was created the standard was a four block internet address. Most people know these addresses as 192.168.x.x which is a problem when everyone on the internet has a ip now days. Then it was decided to up the amount of addresses which is the invent of IPv6 "IPv6 uses a 128-bit address, whereas IPv4 uses only 32 bits. The new address space supports 2128 (about 3.4×1038) addresses." The counter below is a counter of how many IPv4 addresses are still available and when we will be out of space. The adoption of IPv6 has to come soon or there will be lots of issues on the internet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Social Network (Review)

I know it was several months ago since I saw the social network but was in fear that if I posted my review of the movie which reflects on Mark Zuckerberg and all my reviews end up on Facebook it would cause issues if I decided to work for that company. However I can now say I probably will not work for Facebook so I am not worried about my review

The movie opens with a young Zuckerberg sitting in a pub with his semi girlfriend who he insults her intelligence at the bar so she breaks up with him. Being mad at her he decides to go back to his dorm room at Harvard and break into all the sorority sites and do a semi hot or not scale of all the sorority girls. While sitting in the theatre at El Dorado Hills I was the only one there who understood how Zuckerberg was using perl scripts to break into the Apache web servers. It was lame security and the movie does kind of a lame job but most of the terminology and screens looked semi correct. Then asked his friend for his chess ranking algorithm to use on the women he launched facesmash.com. The site brought down the harvard network. The movie then goes to where he was in-front of the review board saying that they should thank him for finding that their network was poorly run and that the time that it took to find him was slow.

At the same time Winklevoss twins were planning a website called Harvard Connect and they found out about Mark's Facesmash site and he did it in a drunken state in a night so they hired him to make their site and they would all go into business. Mark believes that he has a better premise which he wants to do called TheFacebook which he tells his friend Eduardo about it and agrees to give thousand dollars to help start the site as well as his fraternity to spread it.

The Winklevoss twins learn about what Mark was doing and try to leave it out of the courts and want the campus president to go and shut down the site since the user base was going wild in Harvard and against the Harvard Code of Conduct (Like anti cheating policy). Mark, while sitting at a Bill Gates lecture sees some hot asian women who he coined the phrase "Facebook us" then has bathroom sex with one of the girls and then sees his former girlfriend and tells her about TheFacebook and she not being a Harvard student didn't care so Mark wanted to expand to more schools.

Mark then meets while in New York trying to get capital investors on Eduardo suggestion meet Napster co-founder Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake, yes the irony that the music business closes Napster and the poster boy several years ago plays Sean Parker) Parker suggests that he should shorten the name from TheFacebook to just Facebook and they should move to the bay area. Mark being awwed by Parker takes the suggestion and moves to a house in Palo Alto and kind of threw Eduardo under the buss and Parker grows into his role and they then get headquarters which are the current headquarters and Facebook's 1 millionth member, Mark calls the cops on the party and threw Parker under the buss.

The movie shows mostly in the second part the depositions on both the suit from the Winklevoss twins after they found out that Facebook had gone global and one from Eduardo. It was interesting to see how much of a douche Mark was in the movie and if it isn't his way then it's the highway. He is portrayed very well and I believe there is more truth than fiction based on articles and attitude from the real Zuckerberg which the movie used.

The movie is slow and no action but interesting from a documentary. For a site that generates over 40% of the traffic on the internet now and integration into almost everything it is interesting to see it's origins. I recommend that people who use Facebook and CS majors should see the film and time will tell what will and had happened.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Inception (Review)

I have had lots of friends who said I should see Inception. Also one of my friends wanted me to review the movie to see what I say.

Ok so I waked in with no expectations and no issues and used a free ticket to see the movie. I will gripe about one thing and that was the theatre which I love didn't play trailers but no big deal.

The movie is a total Mind FUCK!
Inception is basically trying to make a dream be a real thing so that a person believes they thought the idea and that it is not a fake. The movie is about Leo DiCaprio character goes in to steal information from people's dreams but faces his own daemons from is deceased wife memory. He then gets recruited by a asian man to try to plant in a CEO of a Energy Company to sell his empire so he could rule instead of the other guy. Were most of the movie goes in and gets good is when DiCaprio and his team plan to go 3 levels deep in this CEO mind and make it seem he is betrayed by his uncle and his father wanted him to sell the company. Well things don't go well and there is lots of talk about going into limbo which means you never wake up. Well instead of 3 levels deep they actually go 4 and boy is it interesting but then a let down. The movie does a twist at the end which reminds me of the scene in Star Trek 5 "ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT" you know what i mean. (Life might be a dream).

After watching this movie the ending reminds me of repo men which was just released which has the same type of end and it's strange how close they were. I recommend the movie if you want a MIND FUCK but otherwise it is semi slow and has that Batman: Dark Night feeling which is long but good special effects for a dream movie.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Latitudie iPhone App (Review)
Normally I don't write about iPhone apps, especially ones you have to pay for. However I wanted to talk about this one.

I have been using Google Latitude for about 1.5 year and it is a great feature google introduced for friends to be able to see were other friends are so that you could plan to do things with them. I currently have 12 friends that accepted my friend request and I normally only see 5 friends use it. It works on all smart phone either via http://www.google.com/latitude or on iGoogle via your PC or Mac with most web browsers. I know my friends who have a Android Device or a Blackberry have had a way to run Latitude on the background for about as long as it have been available.

The iPhone users have to open Safari since 3.0 and then go to Google Latitude url or have a home screen shortcut if they want to update their location then close the browser. Even with iOS4 Safari doesn't let it run in the background which is lame. Now comes a app made to solve the problem called Latitudie. The app launches and send the cell tower information if there is a change which I have noticed doesn't affect battery life. I have been using it all day and love the results and shows the true power of background apps on the iPhone. The only concern is the 1.99 price tag but is nice to have if you want a cheep solution if you lost your phone. I am just saying that latitude will help with that. Well I suggest the app for iphone users and suggest if you have a Latitude account add me mwatstein@gmail.com or try out latitude I know you'll like it.

Also forgot to mention that Apple is also in the process of approving another app with simular features called PlaceTrack

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Review)

I have now seen the 3 Twilight Films and don't get why people are so darn into these movies and compare it to Harry Potter. I was thinking of seeing the Last Airbender but several of my friends (Ash, Tyler R) thought the movie sucked so I decided to take my 2nd Toy Story 3 ticket to see Eclipse.

Let me preface with I was expecting this movie to have more action since there was suppose to be a war between Victoria newborn Vampire Army and the Cullens with the Wolves helping but the war was only about 15 minutes of the 2hr movie. So for you guys thinking there would be more action then the last Twilight film your mistaken.

The movie is first showing how a guy named Riley Biers which we find out later who was from Forks but now lives in Seattle was attacked by Victoria about 1 year earlier and she has him create the Vampire army to avenge the death of her real lover James. So there are lots of little scenes throughout showing him getting other Vampires and trying to teach them to get blood and not be super conspicuous.

The other parts and most of the time is spent on the proposal of Bella since she knows that she is going to marry Edward and wants to do it after graduation but hasn't said yes to the proposal. Eventhough I remember her saying yes at the end of New Moon. So lots of time are wasted on her constant Edward changing her garbage as well as Jacob being more jealous and sensing Bella also loves him so he tries to force a kiss and she trys to slug him. So lots of back in forth on the love. The only interesting parts to the movie is that Bella want to loose her virginity before she marries and Edward is "old school" and Edward and Bella go see Bella's mom for a week. Also Bella graduates high school and we learn the backstories of Rosalie and Jasper and Jasper helps organize both the vampires and the werewolves like a general. The fighting is fast and only Jacob gets hurt.

The movie is slow throughout and really was just as boring if not worse than New Moon. I only suggest this movie to women because they love the boring dribble of romance and even the hotness wasn't as hot in this film.


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