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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Since the new semester started at CSUS. I have been going to the arcade on campus more than ever. When I started going to the arcade I was playing Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 but after a while I was easily able to beat both games and found no real intrest in it. A couple of months ago right after the new semester, the arcade got Initial D, which is a racing game that has a card system so you can choose the car you want and then make improvements with it. It is just as big a craze as DDR was last couple of years. I would suggest talking to my friend Sean about that because I'm not into DDR that much. The first Inital D car I bought was a Toyota MR-2 Spyder which is seen here. Then I went and raced I throught out the first entire level which the game calls MYOGI course which looks like this. Then I got stuck with two woman, which I call them THE DIXY CHICKS, on the next course called USUI. So knowing my car was a pice of crap, I decided to buy a new car. I then chose a Toyota TRUENO GT-APEX. Which is considered the fastest car on the game as well as being the one that you have to beat at the end. I have goten throught all the parts of MYOGI and was stuck for 2 weeks on the last oppoenent on USUI named CAINE. He was a tough little man but I finally beat him last night wich makes me go on to the harder levels of the game. I was so happy because CAINE was driving me nutz. Well got to head to school.

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