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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paladio 16 Theatre Review
Folsom has had only 2 options for movie theaters in the past several years. The Century 14 near the Factory outlets or the Regal 14 in EDH. I have not visited the Century since the Di Vinci Code came out and was totally not impressed with that theater because it was dirty and didn't have stadium seating and there is no refils on soda. Century did fix it's no credit card policy which impressed me. Now I am not going to rant about this theater but it could continue. The Regal in EDH has been opened since Star Wars Ep 3 and has gotten some improvements like one of the screens is now IMAX but is still clean as of today and is a premier theater in this area.

So what does that mean for the Palladio 16 which opened last Friday. I went to see 2012 at the Paladio and found 2 things before even arriving that bugged me, the parking structure has bad signage, which makes it look like there is no entrance. Also there is very little parking near the theater which means you will have to walk to it and in bad weather like last week it is not nice. I purchased a ticket under matinee price of 7.50 and received basically a crappy piece of paper. I walked into the theater out found that they are a Pepsi shop and that their prices were equivalent to the rest of the theaters but the soda size was not a plastic cup but a paper. Also when you buy popcorn they do not butter it and have a small butter station in which one of the sides were out of butter but could see a health problem in the future of gross things with butter. The crappy ticket doesn't even tell you which screen your movie is at so you have to ask one of the 2 ticket takers on either side of the butter station on which screen is the movie at. They are nice to tell you. This theater also has a weird layout in which 4 screens are straight head down the hall from the ticket taker and the rest of the 8 are to the left half way down the hall. Like a M-shape is this theater design. I then entered the auditorium and saw that they must of rushed to finish the theater because there was a part of the screen that was not flat which was strange. I thought the seats were very well padded but where narrower then the other theaters I have been to. The Palladio 16 is owned by Cinema West out of Petaluma and they don't have that fancy of stuff every logo is from a national cinema company and has a copyright which was annoying and they don't show things like the "20" which regal and century does but just a bunch of local ads. This theater even showed the Dolby, Technicolor and DLP official logos before the movie which was also weird. The sound and the picture was nice for a DLP system. This theater is trying to automate the start of the movie like I have seen in Los Angeles but there system failed. Now here is the biggest problem, I was in Auditorium 1 and the mens room is on the other side of the theater and you have to go past both ticket takers to use the restroom and I had to have my ticket to use it. That was dumb.

After watching a very good movie, I decided that I will continue to watch movies at Regal in EDH for several reasons.
1. Points, I get points for being a regal member which is free and get to have free sodas and popcorn and movies for going to the movies.
2. $1 POPCORN tuesday, I hate paying $5 for a small popcorn but regal used to give it for free but now $1.
3. I don't have parking problems even when busy
4. Always Clean and they put the butter on
5. COKE ZERO I love diet Pepsi to but Coke Zero is better and in a plastic cup
6. Going to the bathroom without problems. I recommend for people to try out this theatre but don't be WOW'ed by it.

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