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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Trek (Review)

Looking back at my site I cannot believe that Star Trek 10 (Nemesis) was released and I blogged about the movie. Nemesis Review "Star Trek" aka Star Trek 11 or Reboot is a really interesting story. Before I continue let me preface that this movie for a die hard trekkie must do one thing first. Read Star Trek Countdown Amazon it explains the backstory before seeing the movie on the villan Nero and all the events that lead upto this movie. Now for the Non-Trekkies this movie is fine by itself. The movie at 2 hrs and 6 minutes is the longest trek yet. It also is the most different trek in which trekkies might not like, however will still believe that it is trek. Starting off we meet a Romulan named Nero who is from the Future, he attacks the USS Kelvin under the command of Captain Robau and the ship is attacked. He turns over Command to George Kirk (James Kirk Father) the Kelvin is destroyed but Jim is born. Then we meet Spock as a child and kirk as a child and then move on to adulthood. We lean that Spock lets his foolish Human Emotions interfere with is Vulcan Logic. Whereas Kirk is totally wild and fly's by the seat of his pants. Well with lots of twists and turns Kirk becomes the Captain of the enterprise and Nero is stopped. (I don't want to give the whole movie away). Here is my evaluation, I am giving it 4.5 out of 5 because it is really good even though it replaces the last 40 years of Star Trek of a future that is now unwritten. The Acting and Special Effects were great the only concern with the new cast is Simon Pegg (Scotty) he acts more wierd than I remember scotty from the TOS days. However I have to give Karl Urban & Anton Yelchin for sounding and really acting like their previous counterparts. I also love the quotes that made me appreciate the last 40 years of trek. Overall great move and might be the hit of the summer, however Harry Potter is in July.


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