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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Sacramento Kings 2003-2004 Season has come to a close.
With The decisive game 7 in Minneapolis MN, the Sacramento Kings lost the game with the score 83-80. I was studing for my calculus final at CSUS and saw bits and pieces of the game. But in the end we went down. Last year I said on May 17 the same thing and I congradulated them for their achievements throught the year, but this year I have nothing to congradulate about because, we as a team or even players alone haven't won anything this season. I am also not a person who gets mad very easy but the organization needs to look into some major changes. I am also mad because here is a team that was saying all year that they wanted the championship but didn't do anything to get it. I just wish that the new season brings us some better players and better luck than this one did.
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