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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Meet the Fockers (Review)

First of all, now that I have been "Fockerized" I have to say this was a great movie. Ok I got a free ticket to see meet the fockers with buying the Meet the Parents DVD. I was skeptical when I went to see meet the fockers becasue the movie critics said that it was only a 2 star film with no plot. Well there is a plot. First you have to know the background story since this is another sequal. Gaylord Focker and his fiance Pam Byrnes (played by Ben Stiller & Teri Polo) are trying to get married but in first movie we learn that Pam's father Jack was a CIA spy (played by Robert De Niro). He is very skeptical of Greg which is the shortened name for Gaylord and he will do anything to stop his youngest daughter from getting married. Now we meet Greg's parrents,Bernie & Roz Focker. (Played by Dustin Hoffman & Barbara Steisand)We learn that Bernie was a attorney but when he had Gay (his nickname for his son) he gave it up to be a stay at home dad. His mother Roz is a sex theripist for senior citizens. So in the standard slapstick humor they try to make Jack less tense and Jack being such a skeptical guy tries to jump to conclusions and Greg is allways srewing up but the movie was funny throughout and also I believe that it was a great sequal. Also there will be no 3rd movie because they did get married in the end.


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