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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Alien VS Predator (REVIEW)

Since this is my last weekend to have fun because the Fall 04 semester starts tomorrow, I decided to have a little fun. I am currently flat broke so in order to have fun you need money. I at least had one ace up my sleeve to be able to have fun. Dad bought the new special edition of Predator last week and in the DVD was a coupon to see Alien vs Predator for free. So that's what I did. First thing is first to FOX Motion Pictures, why didn't you give the ticket in the Alien Quadrilogy? But anywho, I was shocked that I didn't get scarred in this movie, It was like everything that happened was predictable. I also need to tell everyone that I was rooting for the Alien. So eventhough it was beat badly I was happy with the movie. The story is about Bishop Wayland, which I believe is what the robots in Alien, Aliens, etc... were made from. But nether the less, Bishop Wayland has a satellite which finds that there is a pyramid 3000 ft below antartica. So the world's experts go down and find out that it was a temple made by the Maya's, the Aztec's and the Egyptians. We then find out that all three cutures worshiped the Predator's and that they wanted sacrifices and we would incubate the aliens so they could kill them as a rite of passage. So the movie shows the whole team getting killed except the star and then 2 out of 3 Predators being killed and lots of showdowns and the 3 predator dies and all the aliens die but the human survives. Then the Predator mother ship retieves the last Predator and they leave earth but he was impregnated with an Alien which jumps out of the body as a half bread in the end. I was laughing to myself that they will probably make several sequals off of this spin off. I was happy with the movie and will buy on DVD, which is why I am giving 4 out of 5 stars. But it is sad that hollywood is making spin offs and sequals off of a good classic, I hope that the sequal to this spinoff is good otherwise I will be very disapointed.



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