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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What a Week

Ok First of all not many people know but I was laid off again from the state of california. I have been looking anyways so no biggy yet, I have an interview tomorrow so I hope I get the job. Next, my father and I have been trying to get our house wired for theater sound and we bought some damn good speakers to do the job which should be done tomorrow or thursday. Next, I bought a TIVO for the den with a dvd recorder and love it so Im buying another DVD player and TIVO for my room. I also have some good news to report that my grades for fall 04 are mostly in, 2 B-'s and I hope the last class is a C, which will make me happy. Now to the other tragic news, my drivers side tire on my camry went out today and I also have problems with the passenger front tire, so I was forced to spend almost 400.00 for a new set of tires and thank god christmas money from Grandma came in today as well. So kudos to Grandma. Oh, the last thing, I will be putting two movie reviews up either this week or next, one is on Oceans 12 and Meet the Fockers. If I get lazy or something, I better say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. PS: I might go to LA around the holidays to give a gift to my grandma (DAD), which will probably be a DVD player, but not the new one with TIVO.

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