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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Weekend With Friends & Ipod Problems

Apple Store San Francisco


Apple Store San Francisco

Last weekend I went to Livermore to see my best friend Sean. I left Sacramento at 9:30 am and arrived in Livermore at 11:00 am. Once I arrived we meet with Sean's roommate friend Shane. I then drove them back from Livermore to Tracy which is only 30 miles on the freeway away to a restaurant named Sonic.
Sonic is like an A&W Root Beer place where you drive up, order and the girls on roller skates deliver the food, I was surprised that they took credit cards but oh well. After lunch I drove everyone from Tracy to Dublin/Pleasanton to hop on the BART to go into the city. We had to stop at Longs to get cash then went into the station to go to the city. We rode in and got off at Powell St station and walked a block to the Apple store. I got to see the 4th Gen I Pod.  What a sexy machine, I asked if the buttons light up and was told no. I am interested in getting a new Ipod in January but I might have to get it earlier but I will continue with that later.

iPod 40G

After we finished looking at the Apple store we walked over to Starbucks and got coffee. Then I suggested that we should head to the Warf. We walked to the Warf and I almost collapsed. We got to Pier 39 and looked around then decided to head back to the bark station, so we walked back to the embarcadero station and before we got their we stopped at the fountain outside the station which is a cool place. We got back to Pleasanton around 6:00 and had to stop at Best Buy to pick up a DVD called the Boondock Saints which was a very strange movie.


After we went to Best Buy, we went to BevMo. to go on a drink run. I bought some Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock beer, which I didn't drink until I got hope and it is good beer.  I also bought some Smirnoff Ice in which I only drank a quarter of a glass.





Intelligent NightlifeAfter we finished at BevMo, I drove back to Shane's place and we unpacked the\booze and Sean had a drink of scotch then we decided we would have dinner at little Ceaser's pizza. So drove there and then went to Safeway and bought some salad dressing. Then went went back to Shane's place and had the pizza, drank, and watched the movie. Afterwards I drove Sean home then drove back to Shane's and went to sleep. The next morning I went to breakfast with Sean at Coco's then drove home. I did have fun and was happy to get away, even though school starts next week.

Now that I have gone through the weekend from last week I need to switch back to my Ipod. Friday Night I got to my car at Sunrise Light Rail and my 1st gen Ipod stereo jack broke and I need to get it replaced, It is around 150.00 fix, so I am debating on buying a new one or fix my old one. My father wants me to do both but I can't afford either, so this is my pickle.

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