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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (Review)

For Legal Reasons under the Motion Picture association and law I Marcus Watstein did see Miss Congeniality 2 as a sneek preview and am making my review on 3/26/05 after the movie was released but backdating it so it is correct in journalism.
Ok with that blurb said lets start the review, Miss Congeniality 2 starts about a 2 months after the first movie ends, Gracie is suppose to go on an assignment in a bank to setup these bad guys who are doing robbing sprees all over New York, Gracie is reconized and the operation didn't go as planned. Her boss (Played by Ernie Hudon) gives her a choice to work at a desk or become the face of the FBI. She has a couple days to decide, she then goes home and plans a romantic dinner, Gracie style for her boyfriend in the first moive Eric, but he calls and tells her he's braking up with her. My thoughts were since Benjamin Bratt and Sandra Bullock in real life had a thing and broke up that they didn't cast him because of that so that's why we dont see him nor hear him either. So because she is so upset she decides to become the face of the FBI. Also a new agent named Sam Fuller (Regina King) is transfered to become Gracies bodyguard. Next time we see both of them it's like 10 months later and Gracie is on Regis and Kathy (not kelly) which some of the set says Kelly but camera angles try to hid it. Which must be what the tabloids have been talking about Regis and Kathy Lee getting back together. But getting back to the movie Gracie wrote a book and Sam is the demonstrator of Gracies famous SING technique which was done on Regis. (HAHA) but the movie then goes into the action when the Miss United States winner Cheryl Frasier and friend of Gracie is captured with Stan Fields (William Shatner), who in my opion was a worse part than in the last. The chase leads them to Vegas and basically the rest of the movie is to get back the two which they do, and Gracie learns to be her self again and teaches Sam that she can be a great FBI agent without the rudeness except towards the criminals and they all lived happly ever after. This movie was a great sequal and eventhough there were some bad acting only by Bill Shatner the movie was funny and keeped the plot of Miss Congeniality going. I was happy to see it early but I also now have another ticket to see it again so I might, well see.


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