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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oceans 12 (Review)

Tweleve is not the New 11. Oceans 11 was released a couple of years ago and I thought that it was great remake of the orginal Oceans 11. Now getting back to Oceans 12, the money that was stolen from the Las Vegas tycoon Terri Bennidict was mostly spent and eventhough Bennidict was paid by insurance he hunts down the gang to demand for his money back and with interest. Well the gang isn't even close in paying back Bennidict so they go oversees to try to do jobs so that they can get money to pay Bennidict, they also have to compete against Europes best theif which they whole movie is a cat and mouse type to see who is better. The movie was slow and boring, also Julia Roberts who plays Danny Oceans wife Tess gets to play Julia Roberts in one sene as a disguise, which was funny but stupid. I thought this was a horbile remake and should have not been made.


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