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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Sacramento Kings 2004-2005 Season

The Sacramento Kings 2004-2005 Season has come to a close. With a close game 5 in Seattle WA, the Sacramento Kings lost the game with the score 122-118. I was in my data structures class at FLC and saw about the last 3 sec's of the game. But in the end we went down. Last year I said on May 20 the same thing and even the year before I congratulated them for their achievements throughout the year, but this year I have nothing to congratulate about because, we as a team or even players alone haven't won anything this season. We made a lot of changes this year which I believe have helped the kings like getting rid of Webber and Barnes and getting Cuttino was a great move. But this year it came down to just choking. Bibby has never done so bad in a playoff games as I have seen before. I don't know what to blame right now and probably will never come up with anything but our team needs to do something better to win the championship. Also I attended the only game in this series that we won which was last Friday night and it was a great game. Also I predict Miami to win the NBA finals.

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