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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Be Cool (Review)

Last Night I went to the Folsom theatre and saw Be Cool which is the sequal to Get Shorty. Ok to be frank the movie sucked, I'm giving 1 star for the couples who are my age who were making out in the theatre, that was a better thing than the movie. Also several people were sharing booze in the theatre but I didn't partake because I had to drive home, but I got a little bit plastered at home to have some fun. But getting back to this 2 hrs of boring, Chillie Palmer the Shylock in the first movie is back but this time he decides to get out of the movie business and go into the music business. In doing so he turns his enemys against each other and it was the first movie all over again. The only funny thing was that he was in the staples center and the Lakers with Shaq were playing the Kings with Vlade so it must have been shot like 3 years ago, I was booing becasue it was a stupid scene showing the lakers kicking the kings. There were guest appearances from Areosmith as well if you look closely Gene Simmons of Kiss (He must be hard up for money) But the movie had no real plot also seeing THE ROCK playing a queer muscle was gay in itself. But I wish that this movie was not made but I didn't pay to see it. Thank God


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