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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2005 Carls Jr Bobbleheads

The 2005 Sacramento Kings Bobblehead collection is being released by Carls Jr making this the 3rd year the Kings and Carls Jr have partnered up to sell these limited edition collectors items. This year, what was expected to simply be another popular bobbleheads offer may now turn into a collectors’ frenzy. Two of the 2005 season bobbleheads feature commerative versions of Matt Barnes and Chris Webber, along with current Kings Brad Miller, Darius Songaila, and Greg Ostertag. Each week, participating Carl’s Jr. restaurants will offer one new bobblehead. The featured players, in order of the date of their release, are: March 23 - Brad Miller March 30 - Darius Songaila April 6 - Matt Barnes April 13 - Greg Ostertag April 20 - Chris Webber The featured bobblehead will be sold for $4.99, with a combo meal purchase. Bobbleheads will be sold in the Sacramento area – including Stockton, Modesto, Williams, Auburn, Placerville and Suisun City. This is the Kings’ 20th season in Sacramento. To celebrate, the players are featured in uniforms that the team used in their first (1985-86) season: light blue in color, with "Kings" written in script on the front and the player’s name positioned beneath the number on the back. I picked my Brad Miller up this week and ordered a 6.00 burger and will continue until the 20th.

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