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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2012 (Review)

Now most of you might have seen my review on the Paladio 16 theatre and if you haven't it is also on my blog and yelp (echusa.yelp.com) It is now time to talk about the movie I saw there.

2012 is a disaster movie that is based on the belief that the Myans predicted the end of the world in which Director Rolland Emmerich who has done Independence Day, Day after Tommorow has lots of experience in this type of film. The premise is that the earths core is heating up due to neutrinos from the sun causing the mantle to move. The movie is around the main character played by John Cusack he is a writer who has published a book but no one really buys it so he works as a limo driver. He is divorced and has 2 kids. His wife is living with a Hollywood Plastic Surgon who does boob jobs. He and his kids go camping in Yellowstone park and notice that most of the park is fenced in by the US Military to do scientific research. He then meets is nutter played by Woody Harrelson who tells him that the true meaning. Well when he is returning home he realizes that the nutter is correct and the world is coming to the end and goes to save his family. They end up getting a plane and head towards Yellowstone to get the map to where the government is supposed to be building according to the nutter a rocketship to save humanity but in actually the government in secret without telling the public has been building 7 arcs. Like the ones Noah had but made out of steel and really high tech. The plans of the government was to save the animals, goverment officials, arts and other world valuables and then who ever was rich enough could also come as well. To make a long 2.5 hr movie short after fighting they get to the arc and the people who made it are saved. What was funny is Danny Glover is the present Thomas Willson who they are portraying Barack Obama but the name Thomas Willson is actually Woodrow Willsons first name which was ironic.
The movie is a fast paced long movie and is very entertaining which is why I give it 3.5 stars however the CG work is very predominate and is not that great looking but what do you want from a Disaster movie.


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