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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban(REVIEW)

The latest installment of Harry Potter disapointed me, because this movie was not told in the same fashion as Chamber and Sorcerer's Stone. Let's talk about the new changes to this movie, the fist thing is the director, Alfonso CuarĂ³n, I am disapointed on how he quickly went over things and changed the movie style. The next major change is the change to Dumbledore due to his death. I was a fan of Richard Harris because of the style of acting he brought to the character as well as he was a man who was made to be Dumbledore. Now the replacement played by, Michael Gambon is a pretty good change but he is overjeoulous and he is just very flamboyent, I was not very impressed. The other new thing that changed was Fudge, in the first two movies he looked alot different but according to IMDB Fudge is the same actor, so I don't know why he looked different. The next change is the castle, the location of Hagred's hut is different, and has lots of sharp cliffs which is not in the book nor the first two movies. I also had to laugh because the Weasley twins have long hair now and they are verry annoying. I was also mad because the movie ended with Harry flying his firebolt not returning to the Dursley's. With all these things that I didn't like I did think that the CG was great but too much emphasis on the Whoping Willow.



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