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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Las Vegas Vacation

On June 5 I left Sacramento for my yearly vacation, this year was Las Vegas NV. But before we went to Las Vegas we went to see my fathers mother and brother and my cousin in Camarillo,CA. So on Saturday we left Sacramento at 6:00 am and set out for this vacation. We got into Camarillo at 2:00 pm right when the news broke that President Reagan died, I was only about 30 minutes from his library but just didn't have time to stop. We got settled into the hotel which took sometime because there was a problem with the internet in the room. As a family we went to dinner and had bar-b-que and then went back to my grandmothers house and talked then we went back to the hotel and went sleep. The next morning we got up and check out of the hotel in Camarillo and made our way to Vegas.

We got to Vegas at 9:00am it only took 2 hrs which was a big shock. We went to check in and they told us that the room wouldn't be ready until 3:00pm. So we went looking around the Strip. The first place was MGM Grand and saw that hotel which looks like Silver Legacy in Reno and they had a lion habitat which was cool and I took a few photos with my cell phone. We then had lunch at the Studio Cafe in MGM then after lunch we proceeded to NY,NY. We walked around and I was amazed at how real it looked in the NY style I wanted to go on the Roller Coaster but it was 12.00 so I said forget it. We then went to the ESPN zone and I wanted to eat dinner there but they don't take reservations and with the LA-Det gm1 going on it was impossible to get a table. Then we went to Excalibur and took the tram from there to Mandalay Bay and back then proceeded back to our hotel which was the Tropicana and then checked in. What a problem that was, they gave us a room that was still occupied so they had to give us another room which was on the 9th fl. They also gave us 2 free tickets to the Folies Bergere. I then took the car over to Orleans Hotel to the Century theater and watched Harry Potter: POA. which my review is below. Then got back to the Tropicana at 9:00pm and decided to go to dinner. I had heard that the Cheesecake Factory is a great restaurant, and since they are building one in town I wanted to try it out. The only bad thing was the person said it was in the Bellagio which is not true, its in Caesars. It took me 45 minutes to drive to Bellagio to find out I was told wrong then my father had to go to the bathroom so I continued up the strip the found a 7/11 and he didn't want to use those restrooms so another 1.5 hrs to get back down the strip to the Tropicana because some moron's car broke down. But in that gridlock I saw the pirate ship sinking show at Treasurer Island and the Volcano eruption at the Mirage. So we got back the hotel dad did his thing then we decided to eat at Carrows and finished at 1:00 am. So with all that said that was the first day in Vegas. The second day in Vegas which was Monday was even more interesting, I woke up and found that my father lost his cell phone. So he and I went back to Carrows and had breakfast and then went down to the Bellagio again and to the 7/11 but couldn't find it. We went to a timeshare and wasted 2 hrs to get free tickets to see Magic of Rick Thomas and 2 tickets to the Buffet. After the timeshare,  I decided to go to spend the afternoon at the pool to get a suntan but I couldn't but I did have a good drink which was called Under the Waterfall which had Rum, Vodka, Tequilla and a few other things and boy did I have a good little buzz. That night we went to Ceasers but didn't have the Cheesecake Factory because they had a 2 hr wait so we went to a restaurant called Bertolini. It was ok. The next day we went to Nellis AFB in the morning and bought several souvenirs. Then after that we went to the Hilton to the Star Trek Experience and I bought lunch at Quarks Bar. What an expensive meal, Dad and I ordered 2 burgers and I had a soda. The bill came to $35.00 with a tip. I was shocked. Then I went around and took a few photos then paid for the tickets for the experience, which was $50.00 for 2. I took photos in the history of Star Trek Museum then had to take a picture on a blue screen to redeem later. Then we got inline to go to the Borg 4D Ride. It was interesting, you enter what is suppose to be Copernicus Station which is a science research facility and the actor tells everyone that they were scanned when they entered and they are compatible to endure that the borg cannot assimilate us. The doctor is working on a way to adapt the technique so no one would be Assimilated. The station is attacked then we are to evacuate so we go down some hallways with actors all acting and then enter a shuttle with 3D glasses and then they do the 3D with the actors and you do feel like your assimilated and Voyager saves you and that's it. I lasts about 18 minutes and some parts were really lame. The other ride is the Klingon Excursion in which your suppose to be on a shuttle ride but your are beamed accidentally to the Enterprise,  then you walk to the bridge and commander Riker is on the view screen and then the Klingons attack you go into the turbo lift and then it feels like its freefalling then enter a shuttle and there is a video with a shuttle on gimbals to rock it then its over. I thought that it was better than the borg but the actors in that ride were drunk so I made me upset. We then went to the giftshop and the picture that they took was suppose to be free but only if you apply for the credit card so I did and the image is below. I thought it was cute. We went back to the hotel and went back to the pool again and then went to Chilis for dinner then made it back for the Follis show. It was suppose to be topless but I was not impressed with what the women had to show, it was boring and long, I was impressed with the juggler at intermission and then after the show I went to bed. The last full day in Vegas was busy also, we went to Hoover Dam, the wait lines were long but I was in a rush because we had to claim our tickets for the Rick Thomas show 2hrs before the show, and we only had 2 hrs at Hoover. But dad was helpful because of being disabled we got to cut in front of people, also the Dam was doing maintenance of there new elevators so we got to go on the old Dam tour which also is what is in Vegas Vacation including the Chevy Chase door which is a men's room. We then got back to the hotel and got the ticket to the show. I then went back to the pool and tried for the tan but I still couldn't get one. Then saw the magic show and thought it was cool. We then went to the hotel buffet and had a very good dinner which was suprising for a buffet. I then went on a tour of the strip, I wanted to see Luxor, Excalibor, Mandalay Bay and Paris. I went across the street and took the tram to Mandalay Bay to comeback to Luxor. Boy I loved the design of the hotel and I was surprised because they use a system of elevators called Inclinators which are 39 degree slope, but I couldn't use it because I wasn't a guest of the hotel. I then went back to Mandalay Bay and wanted to take some photos but there was nothing to take, the people who worked there said to go to the coral reef exhibit but it was $15.00 to walk around and see and I didn't believe in spending the money.  I then went to Excalibur and got lost then went back to the hotel. It took me 3 hrs just to go through 3 hotels and I was mad so I took a picture of the Eiffel Tower at Paris but never made it. I also didn't make it to the Venetian. The next morning we went to Denny's but the grand slam was $7.99, I was very shocked so we had two senior breakfasts which had more food and was cheaper. I then went to the Boardwalk to leave my friend Sean a couple of bucks because he had just turned 21.

We then set out towards home, here is were the trip is interesting, I started driving on Hwy 95 and I was about 2 hrs outside of Vegas and dad was sleeping and I started to fall asleep and next thing I know I'm on the wrong side of the road and I had to swerve because a car was coming toward me. I then pulled over and dad drove. We had to stop in the middle of the desert for about an hour because the Nevada transportation department was resurfacing the road. Then we were getting near Hawthorne, NV and running low on gas so we cut over to Bishop, CA. We got gas and ate lunch and the I took over driving up 395 and arrived in Reno at 9:00 pm which was 12 hrs after we left Vegas. We had dinner at the Reno Hilton and then checked into the hotel and left at 4:00 am on Thursday the 10th and got home at 6:30 because dad had a doctors apt at 8:00 so that was the whole Vegas trip, my best friend said that things done in Vegas should be left in Vegas well this trip wasn't that major in anything so who cares.

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