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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bewitched (Review) + Oregon

I went to Medford Oregon on the thursday before the 4th and came back on saturday. Medford is a small hick town with the only thing to do is go to a movie. I also went shopping and boy the stores I take for advantage in Sac. with missing in Medford or they were dinky, like the Circuit City was really small. The only advantage of Oregon was that there is no sales tax. But getting back to the purpose I am writting this is to talk about the new Bewitched. This film stars Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. Lets just say this was a whoreid film. The film actually starts with music and acting like it was comming from Sleepless in Seattle or You've got mail. But that was expected since it was a Nora Ephron film which made both movies. The story is of a witch played by Kidman who moves into the valley and Ferrell is a actor named Jack Wyatt who is in a slump because of a film like Seven Years in Tibet so he wants to do a remake of the old TV show Bewitched. Michael Cane is Kidmans father in the film who is dating Shirley MacLaine which is the remake of the character Endora who has actually powers of her own. Well, Ferrell is playing Darrin and want to make the show all about his self and wants to cast an unkown so he finds Kidman in a grocery store and sees that she is great because she can twitch her nose. The movie has no direction and really gets borning. Also I was mad because I love the original Bewitched and Kidman trys in the movie to see what Samantha (Elizabeth Montomery) would do but it is just a waste of time. I wish that they did this movie as a comedy rather than a chick flick. But even as a chick flick it is boring, especially to the teens that were at the theatre. Also I want to let everyone know that I have some photos of Mt. Shasta from the trip posted. Click Here to see them.


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