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Sunday, April 01, 2007

TMNT (Review)

(TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Ok so in the 80's I was a young boy and had my turtle pajama's and was a real big fan of the turtles. I remeber them like yesterday, it least it wasn't gay like Power Rangers. So getting back to turtles I loved them, especially Michaelango. I liked that he was the goofball and loved pizza. He always reminds me of Bart Simpson, cawabunga. (LOL) So after the 3 turtle films and 20 years the turtles are back, now it isn't live action like the previous movies nor is it cartoon like the original but it's CGI. The other thing with these turtles is the voices. First Donatello and Michaelango sound the same and so does April Oneil but Raphael and Splinter as well as Casey didn't sound the same at all. Leonardo was the mystery because in some senes he sounded like the old Leo but in others he sounded different. This turtles movie starts a couple of years after the last turtle movie and Leo is in South America learning to be a better leader and April comes down to get some archilogical statue and convinces Leo to come back to New York. Max Winters is a rich general who lived 3,000 years ago and opened some dimentional portal that turned his generals to stone and immortal and released 13 monsters which he wants to reverse. The turtles along with the footclan (AKA Shredder's Soldiers) Help this Winters guy reverse what he did. The movie has some good action and some action that looked like combinations of the Matrix and LOTR. It was interesting seeing Patrick Stewart play this Winters character and the movie was enjoying not as good as turtles 1+2 but a lot better than 3.


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