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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Day of School

Well after about 3 weeks of relaxation I am back to school or at least 2 more hrs until. Maybe some people noticed but I updated my site today to show the classes I am taking this semester and updated my about me page. Since I am taking a class at Cosumnes River College it is fitting that I am blogging in their computer lab. I will be still having fun until school restarts fully the day before my birthday (hint hint). As I reflect back this last year I have several things that I accomplished. First I am out of credit card debt which I had about 5,000 worth. Also recvd 10,000 which is now at 3,000 from a college bond that was from my grandma. Also filed my petition to graduate which to me is the reminder that I am almost done with the 6 yrs of CSUS, I also will be happy when the server program that I started but then was worked on by teams and I have to configure will be done. I hope that 2007 will be busy and bring me the biggest gift of all, GRADUATION.

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