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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rocky Balboa (Review)

Yo this is Marcus reporting about the new movie which would be the 6th Rocky entitled Rocky Balboa. The only problem with this review is someone knocked out the power at the movie theater about 1/2 way throughout the film and I didn't have much to talk about since most of it is about feelings and not much went on. SO that is why I am not giving any stars and plan to go back tonight and re-watch the entire film since I got a pass to do it. Well until then This is my review of Rocky Balboa (NOTHING)

[Update, 12/31/06] I know that it has been a couple of days since I said that I couldn't see the movie due to power failure but I went back to the theater and watched the movie. Rocky Balboa starts at Adrian's tombstone and Rocky is at the 3rd anniversary of her death, which he calls Woman Cancer. He and Pauly then go to all the places Rocky and Adrian went when they meet, IE the pet store, the ice rink and Rocky's old apartment. Rocky now owns a restaurant called Adrian's which serves Italian food, run by Mexicans. Pauly still works at the meat market and Rocky's son works for it seems like an investment firm. Robert and Rocky are not speaking that much because Robert believes his father casts a large shadow. We also meet Mason Dixon the current heavyweight champion who is hated because he hasn't ever had a drawn out dogfight. Well ESPN decides to take an idea which was done when Joe Luis and Mohammad Ali fought years ago about having a virtual fight between Mason and Rocky. The computer believes Rocky would win. Well Rocky starts to think he might have more fighting in him since his beast is upset over Adrian's death. So Rocky gets a License to fight but his thoughts are only small fights. Well Mason's managers thinking about money approach Rocky to fight Mason as a charity exhibition fight. Well not to get into specifics people thought that Rocky would go down in the first or second round but look to the original rocky against appolo for the outcome of the fight. Then he tells Pauly that his beast is gone then Rocky goes back to Adrian's grave and the walks away waving then fades out. Also I forgot to mention Rocky has a thing for Little Marrie which I believe we meet in one of the rocky movies where she said Screw you Creepo. Well she is grown and has a kid of her own called Steps which Rocky takes under his wing like the next movie might use Steps. I don't know but that is what people of the net believe. Well I thought that this rocky was a great movie better than Rocky 5 but my favorite is still rocky 4. Then this rocky, the only thing I wished was during the fight there were more flashbacks.


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