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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ocean's 13 (Review)

About 1.5 years has passed since Oceans 12 came out. In Oceans 13 we find out that Rubin has went into partnership with William Bank (Al Pacino) and Bank has decided after he uses Rubin's connections for a new hotel, to cut Rubin out of the deal. Also has Rubin sign over the land to Bank so that he owns everything, and Rubin uses that since they both shook Sinatra's hand he shouldn't be double crossed, but Bank says fuck Sinatra. So being betrayed and ruined  Rubin has a heart attack. So Danny Ocean and his crew decide to get revenge for Rubin. They decide to make it so that Bank's hotel is a loss. Instead of just plain old robbing it like they did to Benedict they decide to rig everything so everyone wins. The only problem is the security system is a computer that cannot be hacked nor beaten. It checks pupil dilation and heart rate based on winnings and also checks the computer odds from the machines and tables. So it causes a problem. Ocean's team figures out that they can create a seismic tremor and that the building would act like a tuning fork and shut down the computer for 3 minutes. The problem is the drill they bought broke, so they turn to Terry Benedict for the money. Benedict wanted one thing besides the money back with 50% interest, he wanted Ocean to steal Bank's 5 Diamond Hotel award necklaces, which Bank got for every other property he owned. Ocean agrees and they use Benedict to rope in Bank for a part of the plan. Well after all the usual they got away with the diamonds and the money and gave Rubin another piece of property and even paid back Benedict and look for a Oprah appearance. This new Ocean's movie was better than 12 but used people from 12 to make it happen. So keep that in mind. I still think that Ocean's 11 is the best movie yet but this is a close second and the only reason why is that some scenes were boring but not that boring.


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