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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life Updates

It has been about 2 months since my last post. I have been awfully busy during these months. First, I was in summer school taking a History class for GE. The class was informative and very stimulating on how much our lives are controlled by the media. After the class finished I had to prepare for what has been keeping me busy the most.

I was planning a trip for myself and 10 others to Defcon. If you’re not a nerd your probably asking what is Defcon. Defcon is a convention that occurs every year in Las Vegas. It is a convention in which Hackers come together to discussion items of computer and internet security. Since this semester is my last at full time status, I am taking on an extra responsibility in being the president of the local ACM student chapter. Therefore, being president means that I had to plan the trip. It was an interesting conference in which I learned a lot of information from various topics. These topics included protecting a computer/network from Malware to FCC selling the 700 MHz range of whitespace. The trip was not just about the conference; I caught a show at Mandalay Bay. Additionally went back to the Star Trek Experience for their behind the scenes tour. If you’re interested in seeing the pictures from the trip click here.

In addition there were some problems that aroused while I was on the trip. The problem was that someone hacked into my paypal account and managed to steal 200+ dollars from me. However, I successfully managed to resolve this issue with no major problem.

Furthermore, my aunt retired from DOD as a teacher and is living in Washington State. In addition my father’s cousin came to Sacramento for the first time to visit. I have been mostly busy cleaning up the house which is nearly completed. Furthermore, I still have time to go to the theatre to watch movies. I recently saw Rush Hour 3 and the Simpson Movie both films were funny. With 2 weeks until the start of the new semester to go I still have a lot to finish around the house.

Finally, I wanted to say have a good finish to the summer and give one shout out. The shout out is to my friend Sean. Sean good luck in Colorado and I hope you enjoy it there and your new Mac mini.
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