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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avatar (Review)

I decided that since everyone was on a big hype to see Avatar and since the 3D is supposed to be the thing in this movie then I should see it in IMAX 3D. The only movie I had seen in IMAX 3D was Under the Sea in Seattle and I really liked the experience. So I decided to shell out the 15 bones for it at EDH which is not a real IMAX screen and got a pair of really goofy glasses which were not as good as the ones in Seattle and sat down. I had no pre-conceved notion of what the movie was about. All I knew was it had tall blue aliens and Sigourney Weaver was in it and it was Directed by James Cameron and the movie cost a large amount of money to make.
The movie starts with a guy who is at a funeral parlor talking to 2 men about taking his brothers place on a project, he would make a large amount of money in which the world has a crappy economy like our current one so he could maybe one day be able to walk again. We then learn he is going to a world called Pandora (yes like the music service) to work for a company called RDA who is trying to mine the planet for a fuel or energy mineral to make millions on earth. So the guy whos name is Jake Sully arrives and finds out that his brother was working with the Science team to be able to talk to the local population on Pandora called the Na'vi. Sigourney is the lead scientist and really doesn't like Jake. Jake on the first day enters this chamber that looks like a Tanning Bed and his brain signals are downloaded to this Avatar that looks like a Na'vi. The 2nd day he is separated and actually ends up with the Na'vi and they almost kill him but decide since he doesn't know anything that they will teach him. He is taught by the chiefs daughter and they fall in love and he actually become a Na'vi and fights against the corporation to leave them alone.
After watching the 2.6 hr film I thought the movie was slow in some parts. The mythical world and the 3D were a good thing but some scenes the CG look so-so. The problem I had with the movie was that the whole Video Recording of his life while not in his Avatar body reminded me of Aliens and also having Sigourney and these blue creatures added to that Alien feeling but not in the evil way. The love story though reminded me so much of Titanic that I was ready to gag. (Yes I have watched Jack and Rose and the ship sinking way too much that I actually cheer when Jack dies). But as I digress the movie is not the best I have seen and it is a lot of hype, true that the technique to make the Na'vi was a new one but I wouldn't have done it that way. Also the ending is wide open for a sequel which is lame because I wouldn't want one. I would suggest taking a girl and you and her might like it but alone and being a dude it is lame.


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