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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (Review)

Tim Burton of course likes weird versions of remakes, like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory and Planet of the Apes and 9/10 times he likes to have Johnny Depp in his movies as well. This time Burton goes to Alice in Wonderland.

First off this is not totally a remake but a continuation story of the original Alice in Wonderland based on the Lewis Carroll novel and the Cartoon movie done by Walt Disney. Instead of Alice being a little girl going down the rabbit hole to a world of imagination she is being asked for her hand in marriage and goes back down the rabbit hole and believes the first time was a dream and didn't realize it was real and she goes through about the same stupid things she did before except she is in love with the Mad Hatter. She saves Wonderland again and goes back to the real world and decides to become an explorer.

The movie was in 3D and I decided to see it in 3D but not IMAX. The 3D is not 100% needed and is semi cool in the Wonderland scenes but was not a good as Avatar and the CGI looked fake but being a imagination story I didn't need believability. The acting was what got me. Johnny Depp portrayal of the mad hatter was like watch the crazy scenes in Pirates 3 of Jack Sparrow going mad and I felt like the battle would have been cool with Pirates. (lol) However there were times when he also would act like Wonka being weird, so it was a half breed characterization but really seemed like he didn't put much spin into the mad hatter. Also the English dress in the movie looked like they reused the Pirates dress and in the end Alice goes out to sea to China, It made me feel like she was Elizabeth Swan in Love with Jack but ends up with Will but in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. NO ORIGINALITY, DISNEY. The movie other than feeling like a alternate rehash of Pirates or a sub sequel was blah otherwise. I did like the Blue Caterpillar being played by Alan Rickman good role but I think snape all the time which sucks but was good at the role. I give it 2.5 stars for being something that could have been cool but turned out to be all effects which could have been better.


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