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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Social Network (Review)

I know it was several months ago since I saw the social network but was in fear that if I posted my review of the movie which reflects on Mark Zuckerberg and all my reviews end up on Facebook it would cause issues if I decided to work for that company. However I can now say I probably will not work for Facebook so I am not worried about my review

The movie opens with a young Zuckerberg sitting in a pub with his semi girlfriend who he insults her intelligence at the bar so she breaks up with him. Being mad at her he decides to go back to his dorm room at Harvard and break into all the sorority sites and do a semi hot or not scale of all the sorority girls. While sitting in the theatre at El Dorado Hills I was the only one there who understood how Zuckerberg was using perl scripts to break into the Apache web servers. It was lame security and the movie does kind of a lame job but most of the terminology and screens looked semi correct. Then asked his friend for his chess ranking algorithm to use on the women he launched facesmash.com. The site brought down the harvard network. The movie then goes to where he was in-front of the review board saying that they should thank him for finding that their network was poorly run and that the time that it took to find him was slow.

At the same time Winklevoss twins were planning a website called Harvard Connect and they found out about Mark's Facesmash site and he did it in a drunken state in a night so they hired him to make their site and they would all go into business. Mark believes that he has a better premise which he wants to do called TheFacebook which he tells his friend Eduardo about it and agrees to give thousand dollars to help start the site as well as his fraternity to spread it.

The Winklevoss twins learn about what Mark was doing and try to leave it out of the courts and want the campus president to go and shut down the site since the user base was going wild in Harvard and against the Harvard Code of Conduct (Like anti cheating policy). Mark, while sitting at a Bill Gates lecture sees some hot asian women who he coined the phrase "Facebook us" then has bathroom sex with one of the girls and then sees his former girlfriend and tells her about TheFacebook and she not being a Harvard student didn't care so Mark wanted to expand to more schools.

Mark then meets while in New York trying to get capital investors on Eduardo suggestion meet Napster co-founder Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake, yes the irony that the music business closes Napster and the poster boy several years ago plays Sean Parker) Parker suggests that he should shorten the name from TheFacebook to just Facebook and they should move to the bay area. Mark being awwed by Parker takes the suggestion and moves to a house in Palo Alto and kind of threw Eduardo under the buss and Parker grows into his role and they then get headquarters which are the current headquarters and Facebook's 1 millionth member, Mark calls the cops on the party and threw Parker under the buss.

The movie shows mostly in the second part the depositions on both the suit from the Winklevoss twins after they found out that Facebook had gone global and one from Eduardo. It was interesting to see how much of a douche Mark was in the movie and if it isn't his way then it's the highway. He is portrayed very well and I believe there is more truth than fiction based on articles and attitude from the real Zuckerberg which the movie used.

The movie is slow and no action but interesting from a documentary. For a site that generates over 40% of the traffic on the internet now and integration into almost everything it is interesting to see it's origins. I recommend that people who use Facebook and CS majors should see the film and time will tell what will and had happened.


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