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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story 3 (Review)

I would have posted this review earlier but Supreet wanted me not to spoil the movie by making a review so I waited but now is the time to talk about Toy Story 3. It has been 10.5 yrs since Toy Story 2 has come out and they tried to keep Any's age in the timeline. The movie starts with Andy preparing to go to college. The toys are all in the big toy chest and want to be played with so they have the sarge are the last 2 paratroopers steal Andy's cell phone and they have the cordless house phone and they call his cell phone so he has to get it. Rex is the one holding it and Andy digs through the chest and finds it and gets mad at Molly for putting it there but doesn't play with the toys. Sarge and his 2 troops decide it's hopeless and they go AWOL by flying out the window. Woody tries to instill confidence that they will be put in the attic for Andy's kids to play with them but most of them are worried because over the years they have lost their friends like Bo, Mr. Spell, Weezy and other in Yard Sales or trash and they don't want to go. Quickly Andy interrupts their meeting and Andy's mom comes in saying to Andy you need to pack for college and either items go to college or go to the attic or the trash. Andy first hesitates but then decides to work so puts the toys in a garbage bag except for Woody he puts him in the college box and starts to go to the attic to put them away but Molly needs help so Andy puts the bag down and Andy's mom trips on it thinking it's trash. Woody sees it all and calls buster but he is now old and fat so he goes it alone to save the toys from being trashed but they escape. Molly had a box of toys that were going to the Sunnyside Daycare so the toys decide to do the same. Thinking at least they will get played with and Woody tries to tell them what happened but they don't listen.

They arrive at Sunnyside and get placed in the Butterfly room and they meet all the toys and the toy in charge named Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (Lotso for short) he is a big stuffed bear that smells like strawberry's. They also meet Ken and he and Barbie fall in love. Lotso shows the toys that they can have a lovely life and be played with forever. The toys seem happy but Lotso tells them that they must be placed in the Caterpillar room which to find out is for little kids and they abuse the toys. Woody in the meantime decides to go home to Andy but ends up at a little girls house Bonnie. Bonnie's toys are nice and we find out the real backstory to Lotso and why he treats toys like prisoners. The rest of Andy's toys decide to have Buzz to go ask Lotso to be moved back to the Butterfly room but also learns the truth of the prison that Lotso is running. Lotso and his men capture Buzz and they have a copy of his manual and decide to put him back to demo mode. So now Buzz is working for Lotso because Lotso told Buzz he is a general in Star Command and that the rest of Andy's toys are agents of Emperor Zurg..Return of the "Astro Nut".

Woody returns to Sunnyside to help break out his friends and Mrs. Potatohead knows that Andy's looking for them because her other eye is still in his room. Woody gets help from a telephone toy on how Lotso runs his security and they toys go through this elaborate plan to change Buzz back and get out. Things start off well but instead of changing Buzz back to normal they somehow get him into Spanish mode..Then they get to the garbage shute to get out but Lotso stops them and Woody tells the rest of the Sunnyside toys the truth about Lotso from his past and Lotso friend Big Baby throws him in.

Woody then get pulled in to the garbage and all of Andy's toys go in and they all end up at the county dump. Woody saves Lotso but he doesn't return the favor. Basically seemed like the toys would be destroyed but the Potatohead kids and "the claw" save the toys. They head home and Andy is happy to have them back. He then decides to put them in the attic but Woody writes a note suggesting they go to Bonnie. Andy then takes them to Bonnie and they play with the toys and he leaves for college.

The movie had me crying like a little kid for the last 20 minutes because of almost loosing the toys as well as Andy leaving and saying goodbye to them..Made me remember my childhood and how it is after you grow up. Most people will cry except for kids. I recommend to the older crowed and there was jokes that no kid would get but we would especially with how the show made Ken seem gay...I really suggest everyone see Toy Story 3


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