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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Man 2 (Review)

I am IRON MAN! That is what starts Iron Man 2, the press conference from the first movie. I am a huge fan of the first movie but was disappointed in the sequel because it is not as action packed and the villain is not that strong.

The movie starts in Russia were we learn that the Arc Reactor is built by not just by Howard Stark (Tony's father) but also by a man named Anton Vanko who was a russian physicist but was deported by Howard for selling the technology. He dies in the first few minutes and his son Ivan (played by Mickey Rourke) decides to take revenge on Tony. Tony in the mean while is loving being Iron Man by having his Stark Expo in which he shows off the suit. He then is requested to Washington DC to a senate hearing to give up the Iron Man technology to the US Government but he shows that the terrorists and their countries are about 5-10 years before we have to worry about it. He even shows that is competitor HAMMER INDUSTRIES is even further behind and that he has created world peace in Iron Man.

We then learn that his own Arc Reactor that is keeping him alive is also killing him because the metal which they call (palladium) is poising his body and since he is busy trying to find a solution to not to die and being Iron Man he decides to promote Peper Potts his assistant to the position of CEO.

We then are off to Monaco where Tony decides to race in the Grand Prix but during the race Vanko who in-between has been building a arc reactor with whips to become whiplash. Tony gets attacked and becomes Iron Man via a briefcase and stops Vanko. He knows that Tony is dying because the metal and is in a french jail.

Tony then goes home and learns about Anton and the original arc reactor while Ivan is busted out of jail by Hammer to build new Suited Iron Men. However Ivan wants autonomous robot Iron Men like the ones in Star Wars. Tony then has his birthday party and gets wild and Rhodes puts on the Iron Man suit to stop tony which destroys Tony's house and Peper locks Tony out of his company for being wild.

Tony then goes on a self-distructive phase like Superman 2 did and then we meet Nick Furry (Samuel L Jackson) again and tells Tony that the arc reactor is for something even bigger his father was working on. He tells Tony that it will save his life. Tony then discovers that his father did leave clues to it and he makes a new element and saves his life.

Then back at the expo Hammer shows off is drones and they then go a muck and so does the suit that Rhoddy took because it's being controlled by Ivan. After about 15-20 minute battle from the drones and Rhoddy and then finally Ivan, Iron Man saves the day.

The problem I have with the movie is that there is no strong villain. Ivan is suppose to be the villain but seems like a weak one compared to Obadiah Stane in the first movie (Jeff Bridges). Also Justin Hammer seemed like a idiot when it came to things which I was surprised he is suppose to be a weapon maker. Furthermore, the movie was talk talk talk about really nothing. I mean Robert Downey Jr. plays the great self loving Tony Stark but the comedy and sexual innuendoes can be given without being boring. I mean most of the movie wasn't as action packed as the first. There was maybe 3 scenes of action the race, the party, then the end. I mean it could have been instead of a 2hr 4min movie only 45 minutes at the most of just action and the rest of just boring dribble that might pertain if you read all the Iron Man comics but I am not a die hard Iron Man fan. Otherwise the effects were good but I wouldn't call this the blockbuster of the summer. I would say this was another movie to prepare for the Avengers Movie that is coming in the next couple of years.

Well hope the rest of the summer movies are good.


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