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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Latitudie iPhone App (Review)
Normally I don't write about iPhone apps, especially ones you have to pay for. However I wanted to talk about this one.

I have been using Google Latitude for about 1.5 year and it is a great feature google introduced for friends to be able to see were other friends are so that you could plan to do things with them. I currently have 12 friends that accepted my friend request and I normally only see 5 friends use it. It works on all smart phone either via http://www.google.com/latitude or on iGoogle via your PC or Mac with most web browsers. I know my friends who have a Android Device or a Blackberry have had a way to run Latitude on the background for about as long as it have been available.

The iPhone users have to open Safari since 3.0 and then go to Google Latitude url or have a home screen shortcut if they want to update their location then close the browser. Even with iOS4 Safari doesn't let it run in the background which is lame. Now comes a app made to solve the problem called Latitudie. The app launches and send the cell tower information if there is a change which I have noticed doesn't affect battery life. I have been using it all day and love the results and shows the true power of background apps on the iPhone. The only concern is the 1.99 price tag but is nice to have if you want a cheep solution if you lost your phone. I am just saying that latitude will help with that. Well I suggest the app for iphone users and suggest if you have a Latitude account add me mwatstein@gmail.com or try out latitude I know you'll like it.

Also forgot to mention that Apple is also in the process of approving another app with simular features called PlaceTrack

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