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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Review)

I have now seen the 3 Twilight Films and don't get why people are so darn into these movies and compare it to Harry Potter. I was thinking of seeing the Last Airbender but several of my friends (Ash, Tyler R) thought the movie sucked so I decided to take my 2nd Toy Story 3 ticket to see Eclipse.

Let me preface with I was expecting this movie to have more action since there was suppose to be a war between Victoria newborn Vampire Army and the Cullens with the Wolves helping but the war was only about 15 minutes of the 2hr movie. So for you guys thinking there would be more action then the last Twilight film your mistaken.

The movie is first showing how a guy named Riley Biers which we find out later who was from Forks but now lives in Seattle was attacked by Victoria about 1 year earlier and she has him create the Vampire army to avenge the death of her real lover James. So there are lots of little scenes throughout showing him getting other Vampires and trying to teach them to get blood and not be super conspicuous.

The other parts and most of the time is spent on the proposal of Bella since she knows that she is going to marry Edward and wants to do it after graduation but hasn't said yes to the proposal. Eventhough I remember her saying yes at the end of New Moon. So lots of time are wasted on her constant Edward changing her garbage as well as Jacob being more jealous and sensing Bella also loves him so he tries to force a kiss and she trys to slug him. So lots of back in forth on the love. The only interesting parts to the movie is that Bella want to loose her virginity before she marries and Edward is "old school" and Edward and Bella go see Bella's mom for a week. Also Bella graduates high school and we learn the backstories of Rosalie and Jasper and Jasper helps organize both the vampires and the werewolves like a general. The fighting is fast and only Jacob gets hurt.

The movie is slow throughout and really was just as boring if not worse than New Moon. I only suggest this movie to women because they love the boring dribble of romance and even the hotness wasn't as hot in this film.


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