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Monday, August 02, 2010

Inception (Review)

I have had lots of friends who said I should see Inception. Also one of my friends wanted me to review the movie to see what I say.

Ok so I waked in with no expectations and no issues and used a free ticket to see the movie. I will gripe about one thing and that was the theatre which I love didn't play trailers but no big deal.

The movie is a total Mind FUCK!
Inception is basically trying to make a dream be a real thing so that a person believes they thought the idea and that it is not a fake. The movie is about Leo DiCaprio character goes in to steal information from people's dreams but faces his own daemons from is deceased wife memory. He then gets recruited by a asian man to try to plant in a CEO of a Energy Company to sell his empire so he could rule instead of the other guy. Were most of the movie goes in and gets good is when DiCaprio and his team plan to go 3 levels deep in this CEO mind and make it seem he is betrayed by his uncle and his father wanted him to sell the company. Well things don't go well and there is lots of talk about going into limbo which means you never wake up. Well instead of 3 levels deep they actually go 4 and boy is it interesting but then a let down. The movie does a twist at the end which reminds me of the scene in Star Trek 5 "ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT" you know what i mean. (Life might be a dream).

After watching this movie the ending reminds me of repo men which was just released which has the same type of end and it's strange how close they were. I recommend the movie if you want a MIND FUCK but otherwise it is semi slow and has that Batman: Dark Night feeling which is long but good special effects for a dream movie.


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