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Monday, April 28, 2003

Good Morning. The system at my office is down so I have nothing to do at work. I just thought I would write. First of all I hope that tonights Kings game doesn't upset me like Friday nights game. I also am hearing a lot of flack from Lakers fans at work. I did write earilier that I am a MAJOR Kings Fan well my cublicle has lots of kings pictures, posters and collection items. It has made some people hate me. I really don't care because I love my cube. I'm having some problems with my Archive pages and I don't know why. I wanted to recomend an Actors website today, it is Wil Wheaton's Website. He played Westley Crusher on Star Trek: Next Generation. His website is a blog like mine. It's kind of funny. I also wanted to talk about school. I have 3 weeks of school left. I am soooooooo happy. I will probably have 2 quizes, 2 homeworks, 5 labs, 2 midterms left. Thats a lot of work but I should do fine. I suspect that I will get 2 B's and the last one all I want is to pass. I am on Academic Prob. so I need to just get better than a 2.0 this term. I hope that this summer would be fun, besides moving in and buying stuff and working, I want to go on a trip. Well I think my father is going to buy the desk on the right side of yeterday's blog entry. I better get some more water and listen to the radio.

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