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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Matrix: Revolutions(REVIEW)
Ok Folks, besides me getting a new job, It's opening day on the 3 and final Matrix. This movie is called Revolutions in which the movie title give justice to the end of the saga. The movie opens where Reloaded ended in which Zion is going to be attacked by the machines and also Neo is in a Coma, thats what we are meant to believe. Neo actually is still plugged into the matrix but without being actually plugged in. We find out that he is in a world that is inbetween the real one and the matrix. Which is owned and operated by the French man, I cant remember his name so I am using the easier version. Trinity and Morpheous get Neo out and also learn that the Oricle was punished for helping humans. After Neo is out we learn from the Oricle the tagline of the movie which is verry important "Everything that has a beginning has an end." The movie then jumps to find the Logos and does then Neo tells everyone that he must take the Logos and Capt. Niobe allows it. The other ship, I cant remember that name is taken command by Niobe and Morpheous to head to Zion and activate the EMP. Smith in human form attacks Trinity and Neo and fails, but in this scene Neo loses his vision. So Neo and Trinity head to the machine city to do something but Neo doesnt know what. The war is going on in Zion and it reminded me of the scene in Star Wars Ep 2. I loved the action in this scene. Neo and Trinity do reach the machine city and are attacked by millions of centinals and Neo tries to stop them but he can't so he tells Trinity to go as high as they can, and we as the audience learns that there is still natural sky and sunlight above the scorched earth. Then the Logo crashes on one machine platform and Trinity has 3 tenticles in her. There is a long boring speech and she dies. Thats right every one Trinity dies. Neo then goes to I believe the head of the machines and tells it that Smith cannot be stopped and that he can stop Smith, if he doesnt the machines can kill him. Neo also said in doing this he wants peace between the humans and machines. So Neo, goes back into the Matrix and we see that everyone in the matrix is Smith, and just the original and Neo have an all out fight and Smith keeps asking Neo why continue to fight and Neo says its a choice. Neo was losing the fight and then he hears the oracles words again "Everything that has a beginning has an end." Neo then lets Smith replicate himself off of Neo and the machines kill Neo and that kills Smith. We also learned that Smith is Neo in the early part of this movie and that the only difference between Neo and Smith is that smith is the bad parts of Neo/ Evil. That resets the Matrix and the war is over. This movie has the deaths of two main people Neo and Trinty, which means that things were not the way I thought it would be. I reminded me of stories from the bible but I am still asking questions, but I do know that Neo will return but not the same nor will the movie ever show it. All I can say is go see it and maybe you can answer some questions on your own.



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