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Monday, July 04, 2005

4th Of July (Independence Day)

To celebrate the country's 229th B-day, this 4th of July you can create your own fireworks show. But not just like years before where I ownly put out 1 but I am putting up two as well as links to 4 more. If you don't like this years celebration read last years and play last years. Also I am going to go see the declaration of Independence today at the Golden State Musem, so I should post some pics latter today. Happy Fourth of July.Click Here to read last years

Here is the links for the other shows which also have a finale button so it will automatically create the show for you. For the Chicago Show. For the Detroit Show. For the Washington DC Show. For the Time Square Show.
[UPDATE]:Went to the Golden State Museum and saw the declaration of independence and was not allowed to take a photo because of contractual agreements, They give small 8x10 copies of the delaration. To read the declaration of independence Click Here I hope everyone has a safe and sober 4th.

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