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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fantastic Four (Review)

When I was young, I used to watch the Fantastic Four cartoon on tv. The movie did remind me of the cartoon which was great. The movie was alittle long plus this movie reminded me of the same story that was in Spider Man and Daredevil but with different characters. The only major thing that disapointed me was the graphics for Mr. Fantastic, because in the movie he streaches his hand under a door and up to the handle but it looked like they rushed the graphics that it was alittle lame. Also the movie did leave it open so that they could make a sequel. The movie was alittle slow at times but I thought that based on the movies that I have seen I really was not that much disapointed. The cast of the movie includes Chris Evans which he loves to show off his body, and I know that being a guy I shouldn't care either way but this guy made me feel like chopped liver. So if you are a girl you probably would say that Chris Evans is a hunk and playing Johnny Flame, the Human torch was a great role for him. So in ending I think that this is a great action film for the summer and suggest that people should go see it.


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