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Monday, July 11, 2005

Herbie: Fully Loaded (Review)

Out of all the summer movies I have seen so far I believe that Herbie Fully Loaded was the best film I have seen. The movie when showing the credits shows clips of Herbie up until now. Then we see Herbie being sold to a junk yard to be dismanted. Lindsay Lohan comes into the movie as a granddaughter to a racecar family. Her father is played by Michael Keaton and was one of his better roles. Lohan has just graduated from college and is planning to go to New York to work for ESPN, but before she goes her father wants to buy her a car for graduating, and she decides to buy Herbie and learns that it is a special car. Herbie then takes her to a mechanics shop which is one of her old friends in high school. They then go and get parts where we meet our bad guy who is supposed to have won 3 Nextel 500 races and Herbie beats this guy and then thoughtout the movie the family goes through some rought time but Herbie saves the day. I loved the movie because it was a true contuation of a Herbie film and followed the disney ideals of a family film.


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