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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

James Doohan dies at 85

The world of Star Trek has lost a great man today. James "Jimmy" Doohan died at age 85. He has been fighting with Alzheimer's disease for a couple of years now and was wheelchair bound. He made his last appearance to celebrate his star on the Hollywood walk of fame earlier this year. Doohan played Scotty on the original Star Trek and was the engineer for the Enterprise and the first 6 Movies, and made the series great with his Scottish jokes of humor.Most people also don't know but Doohan created Klingon in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. People do remember Doohan for the line "Beam Me Up Scotty" which referred to Scotty beaming the crew up and down from planets each week, but what I'll miss about Doohan is how he portrayed the engineer in star trek which made me want to be a engineer but not just fixing hardware but also computers. I thought that Doohan's best line was in Star Trek IV when he said "Computer.. Hello Computer". I wish that there were more men like Doohan to inspire people eventhought it was a character he portrayed. So in conclusion Scotty has ventured to the Undisovered County and he gave the word, so "Warp Speed" James Doohan.


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