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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well ending November and entering December means there is a big push for finals. Teachers always expect a lot of stuff and I am tired. First of all I am sitting in my database class ready to take a nap and really cannot stay awake and then I have a test later today in my Computer theory as well as meet a partner to work on code for our Computer Graphic Games coding class during my break and the I go take the test then go to ACM and listen to what is new with the club then go and then go to my Networking class that is completly boring then at 7:00-9:00 tonight work on code for Computer Graphic game class then go to country club and bowl from 9:30-Midnight with ACM then go to sleep then tomorrow back here around 9:00 to meet my partner for Networking then work probably til 3 then stay around until 5 then go to ACM linux install night to volunteer until around Midnight the Saturday get my car fixed. What I am blagging about is that I have no time to relax or slow down and wish I could, so that is why I am tired.


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