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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (Review)

A week before thanksgiving and I am sick of school I decided to have a little fun by going and seeing Santa Clause 3. In this installment Santa & the Misses are going to have a baby and Mrs. Clause wants to see her folks so Santa decides to have them but in the meantime Jack Frost is causing trouble because he doesn't have a holiday. We find out that there is an escape clause and all Santa has to do is get his magic snow globe and say he doesn't want to be Santa. So Jack Frost tricks Santa into activating the escape clause which shows us why Scott Calivin's life was better as Santa. Well the movie was interesting and was not happy to see the cheesy ideas that were in Santa Clause 2 back in this film but they did use the footage from SC1 which was when Scott found the suit. The movie being that it is Disney does have a happy ending. The one thing I wished is that the alternate reality should have been longer and also Bernard is not in the story, and Curtis is now head elf. Well I think it is better than 2 but 1 is still the best. Happy Holidays, stay tune for Friday's 007 Casino Royale Review.


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