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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Casino Royale (Review)

Well what can I say about Bond...James Bond. Casino Royale was the first book of Ian Flemming about James Bond which is suppose to show how James Bond got the status of 007. Well if you want to know the rest of the plot they way it is suppose to be then see the Wikipedia Article

but the movie tries to follow the plot but in a bad way. First, being a fan of Bond I am used to a normality of how the movies go but in this movie things were quite different. The gun barrel looked digital and so did the oozing blood which went to the credits which were boring and so was the title theme song by Chris Cornell named You Know My Name which was mostly a bunch of cards with bond kicking the crap out of people, no women which was unusual. The movie is about a man named Le Chiffre who gets money from Africa to manipulate the stocks of an airline company by blowing up a new plane which would leave them in ruins. But Bond interferes and stops the explosion of the plane so Le Chiffre holds a game at Casino Royale of Poker where James meets Felix Lighter which in this movie is black. James wins and then learns that is love Vesper Lynd is playing both sides. The movie has a lot of dull moments and some action but not the typical of Bond, the romance was not there and the story was choppy as well as how could bond just gotten is 00 status and its 2006 so how can that be. Well the end was left for the sequal but overall I was not impressed. On the contrary the new Bond Daniel Craig was not bad of an actor but they are really trying to make him the next Sean Connery.


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