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Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Kim

James Kim was well respected by me. Since Tivo started showing Cnet reports weekly I would only watch to see what James Kim would say. First for those who don't know, James Kim was Senior Editior of MP3 and Digital Audio at CNET.com which his soul purpose was to test and review all the consumer electronic MP3 players. Kim used to be on Tech TV as a Gadget gooroo. Kim's reports were usually correct and well done. Kim was comming back from Oregon to California with his wife and two children when they were trapped in the snow, Kim went to get help and according to the news he walked for about 8 miles to be only one mile from his family after trying to get help. In the tech community Kim was well respected and I really will miss his insight. My thoughts go out to his family since they all are in San Francisco. If you want to contribute to his fund click here Also one question, which MP3 player or gizmo will he be buried with, please don't say Ipod.


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