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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Review)

So its been about a year since the last adventure of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. So as we know Capt Jack Sparrow was lost to Davey Jones locker and Captn. Barbosa is alive. This 3 hour movie is a lot better than the last Pirates. First we find out that we are still in the orient and Barbosa needs the 9 Pirate lords to be able to release clypso which is the witch who brought back Barbosa and inorder to have the pirate lords Jack Sparrow is one of them. So they travel to Davey Jones locker to retireve Jack and then there are lots of subplots and backstabbing in trades. We also know that Lord Beckett and the East India Company have Davey Jones' heart and is giving Davey Jones' orders. Well lets just say, Jack is alive and rides off into the sunset to find the fountain of youth leaving the saga open for another movie. While Davey Jones dies, clypso is freed, Elizabeth is a pirate captain and pirate king. Will Turner is the new captian of the flying dutchman and Lord Beckett is killed. Also Will and Elizabeth are married by Barbosa during the major fight. The movie has lots of comic re-leaf because jack has muliple personalities. Also the battle scenes are vast and Elizabeth even gives a fight scene speach that sounded like it came from Independece Day. The movie is long but it does go fast and is in my opinion the best pirates movie so far.


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