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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Review)

My aunt and I had postponed seeing this movie twice. We both were going to see it alone but since she was coming home for Christmas I suggested we should see it together and then we both got sick so had to postpone again. So on Christmas Day we decided to see it the next day. She has read all the books in the Twilight Saga and I have not expect since I was curious I did read the book synopsis on WIkipedia several weeks back. I got into Twilight on Black Friday when Wal-Mart had the first movie DVD for 5.00 so I decided to buy it since it is a Fad and wanted to see what it is all about.
New Moon picks up right after Twilight. Bella is turning 17 years old and wants her Vampire Boyfriend Edward to change her so she will not be older then him physically. He declines because he wants her to age and not have the burden of being a Vampire. Later on she is having a party with Edward and his Vampire Family and she opens her birthday card and gets a paper cut which causes Jasper to try to attack Bella, Edward stops and causes Bella to cut her arm even worse. Because he is afraid for Bella he decides to leave her and go live in Italy with the Volturi. Meanwhile Bella is really depressed that she believe that she can see Edward if she does dangerous stuff. She convinces her friend Jacob to build BMX style bikes. She notices that he has bulked up and starts to fall for him. He is upset because his guy friends are acting weird and hanging around with a guy named Sam and never wear shirts and have a tattoo. Well Bella and Jacob mid movie are about to kiss at a movie theatre and Jacob leaves saying he is not feeling well. Later on we are told that it was mono. Bella goes to investigate and sees that Jacob is outside in the rain is shirtless and has cut his hair and also has the same tattoo that his friends have and is now friends with them again. Bella then discovers that Jacob is a Werewolf and that Vampires and Werewolf's don't get along. Bella is being hunted by Victoria from the first film and Jacob and his fellow wolves help to protect her. The movie then goes to Bella going to Italy to save Edward because he thinks she is dead.
The movie is ok, yes the big thing is Jacob is hot but that only applies if your a girl. I didn't care either way if he was shirtless for most of the film. The film also reminded me of a modern day of Romeo and Juliet and which Edward tries to kill himself because he thinks Bella is dead and Bella is not. The only thing was both didn't die. The special effects like changing Jacob to a wolf were good but the movie is all about love and being 2.1 hrs it could have been shorter, I would recommend for a couple to make out or if a teenage girl wanting to see a shirtless due in it but otherwise boring though most of it.


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