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Thursday, October 20, 2005

RT Opens Folsom Gold Line


Saturday, Regional Transit (RT) had the grand opening for the new Gold Line to Folsom. I am happy that they had finished the light rail to Folsom, now I can take it which is only 5 minutes from home to Sac. State. It will save so much Gas I am happy about it. I attended the grand opening and it was a zoo. When I got their I was lucky to get a close spot because I know how to get around Folsom, even with streets being blocked. I first went and looked at the Historic Train which is on the top left, which was brought from Downtown Sacramento and was significant because it is the first train that ever came to Folsom about 150 years ago.  I then went and looked at the new Historic Folsom station and took pictures of the station shown on the right and the artwork from the station which has an early American theme. I then made my way back up to Sutter St which the city had a parade which was called Yesterfest-Celebrating 150 years of rail. There were people in historic clothing and I felt like I was living in a small town back before the 1950's. Then I made my way back to the new Station and heard the speeches that were given by Dr. Beverly Scott of RT and other local politicians like Roger Niello. Because it was such a zoo my father and I went to lunch and came back to light rail late in the afternoon. I parked at the new Hazel Station and hopped on the train heading for Sunrise then got off then took the train back to historic Folsom and then back to Hazel. I was lucky because it was the last train leaving Folsom which was 7:00 pm. I am disappointed that the train ends so early even thought us residence of Folsom were told it would end at 9:00 pm but RT and our city mayor blames it on cost of running the light rail. Sunday my father and I went from Folsom to Watt-I 80 which took 1.5 hrs but by car would only take 30 min so the train is slower. I am happy that the train is running but on Tuesday's and Thursday's I still have to drive to sunrise station or I would get trapped at sunrise when I come home because I get out to sunrise around 8:00 and the Folsom extension ends at 7:00.  The new stops have made it difficult to find a seat but oh well. So that all there is for my new light rail experience, how boring. So it's time to get back to work for school.

To see pictures of the stations or the Event click on the sides to see what I took.

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