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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Crazy People (Rant)

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I have to laugh what lengths people will go to get a freebee. On November 4 Ilounge.com posted that the .99¢ only store that was being opened in Orangevale, Madison Ave & Main would sell to the first 9 customers at the grand opening this morning at 8 am. The information was only publicized on the iLounge website, the .99¢ store website under press releases and the stores weekly ad. I figured that the lines for this would be a little long for the Ipod Nano but not ridiculous... My plans were to get to the store last night around 11pm with my father and we would campout overnight for it. Boy was i wrong. I arrived at the store last night around 5:00 pm just to check and the line was already too darn long. I found out that a group of Intel Employees who read it online camped out from Tuesday night in tents in front of the store and that they were not roughing it at all. When I arrived they had a good sized TV that they were watching and they had a large tent with laptops and were somehow into a wireless internet connection and most were working, doing their work from there as well as playing games on their PSP's. The last people of the nine who got  the nano arrived Wednesday at 6:30 am to get it. I believe that these people are nuts to camp out for 2 days to get a .99¢ ipod, and don't show any signs of have to worry about camping out. What kind of a weird world have we come to. Oh well I'm just mad that I couldn't get one. I am also trying for the Video Ipod on Fox40 as long as I'm one of the first five callers this week.

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