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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Greetings from SeaTac

Well I flew up yesterday to SeaTac, sean was right the internet at the airport is ridiculuous so I didn't buy. I flew alaskan air and I thought that the stewarts were rude as ever then was transported to the Double Tree next to SeaTac Intl. The hotel is super nice, there is internet in the room but they charge, but in the internet cafe with a starbucks the internet is totally free otherwise I would bluetooth call back to CSUS for internet which I did last night, but it is slower than dialup. I had dinner at Denny's across the street and breakfast at a dinner like Mels. I haven't seen much beacuse I don't have a car but the weather is beautiful. I will write more about today this evening and when I get back to Sacto. So until then Greetings from SeaTac.

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