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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 (Review)

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IE 7 Feeds

IE 7 Multiple Pages Open

IE 7 About

IE 7 Phishing Filter Options

IE 7 Print Preview

IE 7 Magnification of Sites

Well, I was one of the millions that downloaded IE 7 public beta 2. The first word of warning of this new browser is the installation, most people including myself are having problems installing the browser because it interferes with other Anti-Spy software. It gets to 50% then says unable to install because of msfeeds.dll. To fix this problem, restart in safe mode and there should be no problems, unless running McAfee then don't install, typical Microsoft. IE 7 is the new browser that will be the backbone of Windows Vista released later in the year, the first new item is tabbed browsing which is scene in the second picture I also can show all pages open and you can click between anyone you want to view which reminds me of my mac, next IE 7 lets you look at RSS and ATOM Feeds and bookmark feeds like my Mac does in Safari, but you can subscribe to RSS and ATOM in bookmark like Firefox as well. The next thing in IE 7 is a Phishing Filter to protect you by making sure it is a valid site. Also IE 7 has a zoom feature in the right corner which is scene in the last photo for blind people. They also allow you to move the size of the page in the print preview so that you can put more info on a page, through a resize which was interesting. I believe that these improvements are great for Microsoft and if they aren't buggy then Microsoft might make people happy for once but that would be a new thing for Microsoft, so I give IE 7 a 3/5 for keeping up with the times but still have alot to go.

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