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Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire (Review)

Well it's been a long year and a half since the release of the last Harry Potter film to this one. My first warning before reviewing the film is that I haven't read Goblet of Fire in 2.5 years. So my memory of the book is a little shotty. In this enstallment of Harry Potter we first got a new director Mike Newell which he is the first british director of a british story and it showed. The passion in the movie was a lot more than it was in the previous 3 films but the only problem I had was the use of the English language because I don't remember Harry and Ron in the previous two films saying some british words which were fine but most people don't know that much british so might get alitle urked. But never the less it was fine by me. The movie didn't take the usual approch with the dursley's but went stait into the dream harry was having and then to waking up in the burrow and quickly to the portkey and to the quiddich world cup. The only interesting thing is that Mrs. Wesley was not in the movie. The great thing in the movie since it was a little bit more adult was that the Wesley Twins (George & Fred) were great commic relef, not annoying like previous movies. Also the movie did end with Harry, Ron & Herminie leaving hogwarts for the summer, which completed the story unlike book 3 which abuptly ended. The disappointment with Newell's directing is that is segways were weak he just jumped from sene to sene with no flow. But I also didn't mind. The most spectalar thing in the movie was the effects as well as the showdown between harry and voldomort. All I can say is wow and that the movie is worth seeing. I might even go see it again. Well the last bit I wanted to say in this review is that, the movie shouldn't be seen by little kids because eventhough it was a dark movie (no pun intended) there was no connection for them and there were some sexual things in the movie that kids wouldn't get. So before you go to see it remember to go to the bathroom with the run time of 2.5 hrs and no intermission you want to not have to worry about going during the movie.



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