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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Holidays/ Countdown

Well my christmas has been an interesting one. First I had dinner with my grandma and her boyfriend a week before christmas, at cattlemens. My father and bought my christmas gifts for me on christmas eve and I shopped for them, I got seasons 1-7 of the Simpsons and a Homedics Back Massager which is great. I then got some cash from my grandma and also foundout that my Uncle died on the 19th but I didn't find out until yesterday because my family wanted my holiday to be a happy one but I am very upset with my family but not my father. My dad got his christmas wish which was to mirror the dinning room wall. I also am happy because I got a case of mexican coke from our new Bevmo so I have that and Tequilla for new years. My christmas dinner was at Bakers Square in Davis and it sucked but nothing new. Well I better get back to the news since most of Sacramento is flodded and Im going to lunch. I want to wish everyone a Happy & Safe New Year 2006.

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